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Spiral Chute

Spiral Chute

Introduction:Hongji Mine Machinery is a famous spiral chute manufacturer in china. spiral chute consists of spiral concentrator, table concentrator and centrifugal ore separator. Spiral chute application is applicable for selecting materials with size 0.3--0.02mm, such as iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, azorite, rutile, monazite.

Spiral Chute Overview

GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics) spiral rotary cute is national new-type equipment developed in 1977 combining with features of spiral ore washer, spiral chute, shaking table andcentrifugal ore separator. This spiral chute is the ideal equipment for mining or selection mine, especially in seashore, riverside, sand beach or creek. This machine has the features reasonable structure, simple installation, small occupation, easy operation, stable and clear selection, large capacity, high efficiency, high enrichment selection ratio and recovery, stable running, etc. Besides, it has the advantages of light weight, dampproof, antirust, corrosion resistance, high adaptability of feeding ore's different thickness, size and grade.

Spiral chute application

This machine is applicable for selecting materials with size 0.3--0.02mm, such as iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, azorite, rutile, monazite, phosphorite, oxide ore, tin ore, tantalum ore, niobium ore and other nonferrous metals with distinct specific gravity difference, and rare matels and nonmetal minerals. The concentrating process is stable and easy to control with this spiral chut, allowing feeding thickness change to a large extent.

Spiral chute working principle

Stick up the spiral chute, adjust vertical line, and fix it to a proper place with hob ore timber; deliver the ore slurry to the two feeding opening at top of the spiral chute with the help of sand pump; add supplementary water to adjust slurry thickness. Then slurry flows down automatically and rotarily from the top. A inertial centrifugal force is formed along the rotary bevel with flow speed, so that ore and sand can be divided under rotary steam and centrifugal force according to the slurry's different specific gravity, grain size and shape. Next, final ore flows to the final ore hopper and coveyed out by pipe and picked up, and final sand flows to final sand hopper and coveyed out by pipe to sand pond. Then remove the sand pump. That is the whole concentrating process.

Technical parameters of spiral chute

Model Outside diameter (mm) Inner diameter (mm) Spiral pitch (mm) Span ratio Inclination angle (o) Head quantity Ring quantity Feeding size (mm) Feeding thickness (%) Capacity (L/h-1) Occupation (m2) Height (m)
D12000 2000 2000 1200 0.6 9 2-4 3.5 0.04-4 20-40 15-45 5.7 6.8
D11500 1500 150 900 0.6 9 2-4 4 0.03-0.3 20-45 10-25 5.8 6.1
D11200 1200 1200 720 540 0.6 9 2-4 4-5 0.03-0.3 30-50 4-6 2 5.23
L1900 900 900 540 360 0.4 0.6 9 2-3 4-5 0.03-0.3 30-50 2-3 1.2 4
L1600 600 600 390 360 0.4 9 1-2 4-5 0.02-0.2 30-50 0.8-12 0.5 2.6
L1400 400 400 180 0.45 9 1-2 4-5 0.02-0.2 30-50 0.5-0.2 0.25 1.3

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