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The Wet Materials Deeply Influences the Output Effect of Rotary Dryer

Hongji machine develops quickly in mechanical industry. As a professional manufacturer of mine machine, Hongji makes a great achievement in rotary dryer with all efforts, and deeply appreciated by the customers who enjoy Hongji rotary dryer. And in the actual application of mine machine, the capacity of jaw crusher always can not meet the requirements we need as an example. So how the wet materials deeply influences the output effect of rotary dryer, the following you can find the answer in this article.

The wet materials can be combined with moisture in the form of material by rotary dryer. Wet materials can be divided into the capillary porous materials, colloidal materials, and capillary porous colloid materials. To capillary porous materials, the moisture is mainly get together by capillary forces and incorporated in the material, such as sand, silica, activated carbon, unglazed ceramic, etc. And if the material is peat, clay, wood, fabric, grain, leather and other such materials, but a combination of moisture between these materials form differently, which determined it is not the same difficulty under the same conditions of dehydration.

After drying section, rotary dryer slows down the drying phase, which requires lower final moisture content, the longer the drying time, the thermal efficiency is lower, and therefore affect production effect. Of course, drum dryer also can finish the drying process as the method shows. More details please email us directly by  or leave your message in our official website!

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