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The Compact Link Between Sand Making Machine and Conveyor Belt

The blocking material phenomenon is so common in application of sand making machine , such negative phenomena are various, such as wet feeding, unevenly feeding by vibrating feeder, quicker transportation by conveyor belt, which will also cause excessive block material of sand production equipment. Then what compact link between sand making machine and conveyor belt? And how to choose suitable conveyor belt for sand making machine to ensure less block materials?

When the customers meet the problems of quick block materials in sand making machine, they all think that feeding too fast, discharging too late when the material feeding, which will be easy to cause blocking material. Thus, to understand the internal structure of the device is very important.

For instance, if we have a cone crusher with 120-520 TPH capacity, and we set the feeding size, it will still have blocking materials when you wanna a higher capacity. Then it is the time to check the problems happened in sand making machine. We need to observe the pointer changes ammeter. If you feed too much, the ammeter pointer deflection angle will increase, and then it shows that stone crusher equipment overloads.

So when our customers feel interested in our equipment, we will ask him about the detailed information including the capacity and design the motor of conveyor belt, to ensure the reasonable process. If you wanna know the 2016 newest price list, please be free to contact us by  or dial us directly.

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