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The Productivity Efficiency Competition in Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher

With the continuous growth of China's economic construction and mineral industry, the development of the stone crusher industry can be described by leaps and bounds. Today the crusher we will talk is that cone crusher and impact crusher. Before this article, there are many essays to share us about the advantages and shortcoming of crusher equipment in stone production line. Cone crusher has got wide application field and is greatly popularized, which has realized the market aim of excellent performance and higher productivity efficiency.

Cone crusher owns high production capacity and unique crusher design, and as we all know, the maintenance costs are significantly reduced in recent years, so that the productivity efficiency of the cone crusher has been greatly improved, and then the production costs are also significantly reduced. To compare with traditional crushing equipment, cone crusher is popular only in recent years, which is a kind of stone crushing equipment on the basis of advanced crushing technology on design.

At the same time, impact crusher is a kind of equipment, which use impact energy to crush materials. When impact crusher is driven by the motor with the high-speed rotation of the rotor, when the material enters into the plate hammer area, then crushing device was thrown on the impact plate again, this process is repeated again. The gap adjustment between the impact rack and rotor materials can achieve the purpose that we will change the shape of the particle size and material purposes.

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