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Cone Crusher Prepares the Potential Stocks for Sand Making Line

In various mineral industry business, the professional equipment for making sand is still sand making machine. But some customers will meet different situation, and they can not apply the most efficiency of sand making machine, which can not maximum the benefit from the sand making line. So we think of cone crusher equipment, the sand making efficiency of cone crusher has high efficiency in some circumstances.

When you choose the mine equipment, the quality, price and service are the key to influence the determination to purchase. Except this three important reasons, the reasonable application to the equipment is the secret to extend the service life of jaw crusher. Then how about the cone crusher equipment?

Firstly, cone crusher can crush efficiently the harder ore materials, just like granite and basalt. If the customers wanna crush the harder stone, cone crusher will become your best choice. Same to impact crusher, cone crusher is also the secondary crushing equipment. But differently, impact crusher can not crush the stone like cone crusher can.

In the feeding process, cone crusher can accept the feeding size larger than sand making machine. It is generally less than 35mm when feeding sand making machine. If the customer's feeding requirement is 35mm-45mm to hard stone, the stone will directly and apparently cause serious machine wear. The Chinese new year is coming now, please email us by  or leave your requirements if you wanna any stone crusher price or other equipment.

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