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The Adjustment Adopted when Jaw Crusher Owns an Unstable Capacity

With the continuous updated method from the appearance to the core technology for the development of China's stone crushing machine, the construction industry has a great role in promoting jaw crusher equipment. Jaw crusher was designated as the preferred device for primary crushing capacity and crushing efficiency, the material is relatively wide range of accommodation to meet the compressive strength less than 320MPa various ores, which is a type of stone crushing equipment preferred by the public customers. Then what adjustment is adopted when jaw crusher owns an unstable capacity?

Firstly, look at whether the material hardness of the jaw crusher is within the tolerance range. In the crushing process, the adding volume is no more than the inlet size, the hardness should be appropriate. By the way, the nature of the materials also has some influence on the yield of jaw crusher.

Secondly, the wearing of liner plate, bearings and the jaw plate, which all have an impact on the yield, when the crusher accessories are worn, the job stability of jaw crusher will drop, along with the material crushing efficiency will decline. Therefore, the operator should regularly check the wear parts, to make timely and appropriate adjustments or replace a new one.

Third, the motor and capacity also have a certain relationship, when the voltage is too low, the motor speed will drop, and the extent of broken material with crushing efficiency will decline, so in the work process, it should ensure voltage stability.

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