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The Ceramsite Sand Production Line Put Into Operation In Guatemalan

 Recently, the ceramsite sand production line built by Hongji Group for Guatemalan customers has been successfully put into operation. The production line is tailor-made according to the customer's requirements, with an hourly output of 120. The production line runs smoothly and has a high output. The customer is very satisfied and said that it will continue to cooperate in the future.

Ceramsite is a new type of lightweight aggregate, which can be widely used in building materials, horticulture, food and beverage, refractory insulation materials, chemical industry, petroleum and other sectors. In recent years, ceramsite has exerted an increasing influence in economic construction. Ceramsite rotary kiln equipment is the main equipment for the production of ceramsite sand. It is widely used in ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials (cement), non-metallic minerals, refractory materials, papermaking, environmental protection and other industries. The furnace has the characteristics of long life, high operating rate, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency and low heat consumption, making it an ideal calcining equipment.

Our company uses raw material storage bins, dust reduction chambers, induced draft fans, ceramsite rotary kilns, coal injection systems, control cabinets, etc. in the ceramsite production line. Among them, the feeder at the lower part of the raw material silo, the kiln body speed and the amount of coal hogging are all stepless speed regulation, in order to adjust the process parameters, and obtain the maximum output under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product. Such a ceramsite production process can maximize the use of raw materials, produce high-quality ceramsite products and achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. The whole line of ceramsite production line designed by Henan Hongji Heavy Industry adopts the advanced technology and reliable performance of the DCS central control system, centralized operation and management in the main control room, and uses PLC to realize the interlocking of the operation of various equipment and realize a high degree of automation. 

Henan Hongji Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides you with a production line of 100-800 tons/day, as well as a complete set of technical consulting, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning solutions for the ceramsite production line.
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